1. 1 year ago 
    this is so interesting! Cant wait to do more!

    this is so interesting! Cant wait to do more!

  2. 1 year ago 
    Omg this 
is so awesome! Too excited for more!

    Omg this
    is so awesome! Too excited for more!

  3. 1 year ago 
    omg this is so awesome! I
 cant wait to do more!

    omg this is so awesome! I
    cant wait to do more!

  4. 3 years ago 
    "It is better to be good than to be original."
    - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
  5. 3 years ago 

    When building or remodeling an addition, there are subtle details that help “blend” the new space into the existing structure.  It’s the attention to these details that separate the average from the exceptional.  Here in the Philadelphia area we have homes with so much history!  So many of today’s homes are just not built the way they used to be.  By capturing these details we pay a bit of an homage to the original architects and craftsmen that put this level of effort into what they made…

    On the left, we see the original door casing from another part of the house.  This stuff isn’t available for purchase at any big retailer.  Or small retailer for that matter.  This casing was a build up of several different board sizes and molding styles.  For this addition, I replicated the original casing from scratch for all of the doors and windows (right).

  6. 3 years ago 

    Visiting Manayunk Timber

    @ Manayunk Timber today.  Looking for an old beam or two that I can give new life as a custom vanity for a bathroom renovation that’s currently underway.  That’s a huge pile of history right there!  This place is awesome!  It has huge reclaimed beams from 150-200 year old buildings, many of which were from 200 year old trees at the time they were built. There is beautiful furniture being made from this stuff!!  Check ‘em out at http://www.manayunktimber.com

    The yard at Manayunk Timber

  7. 3 years ago 

    Bathroom Addition by MCBDB

    This bold half-bath is covered in blah blah…

    Read More

  8. 3 years ago 
    Restoration Hardware Sourcebook

    Restoration Hardware recently released a 600+ page Source Book (catalog/magazine) full of high quality furniture, photos, and articles.  Excellent source of inspiration and information about their designers and craftsmen.  They also provide some of the history behind the reproductions they’ve done of furniture pieces originally designed by some of history’s most notable designers.  Definitely worth a browse online, and even better - see if you can get your hands on one!

  9. 3 years ago 

    Here’s some more from my blah blah project.  Notice the whippity wah and the sada tay


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